Antarctic days with Mawson: a personal account of the British, Australian and New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition of 1929-31.

Mawson’s expedition aboard Discovery on which Fletcher was zoologist.

p. 41: A cherished possession of mine, now stained by salt water seeping into my cabin on the Discovery, is Rudyard Kipling’s book The Day’s Work. It was presented to me before the Nestor’s departure. Written on the flyleaf was “September 10th, 1929 – Wishing you ‘Bon Voyage’ and ‘Au Revoir’ ‘’ T. W. Edgeworth David.”

p. 43—Frank Hurley produced a movie of the expedition called “Siege of the South” (1931).

p. 60, enroute Crozet Island: Little work could be accomplished under the stormy conditions; even reading was difficult.

p. 62, photo of bookshelves and men aboard Discovery.

p. 134, Christmas gifts from a girl’s school in Adelaide included “…bottles of sweets, books and all types of novelties.”