Typescript of Orde Lees diary prepared by him for Shackleton.

Apparently Lees edited his diary, eliminating the first person, as grist for Shackleton’s book on the expedition—refers to himself in third person (Lees is our mess man) and Shackleton as Sir Ernest. Always seems excessively deferential to Shackleton, particularly in this typescript which Lees prepared for Sir Ernest.

January 23rd, 1915: “There is not much to do on board and it is well to have something definite to do to keep oneself occupied, otherwise than by reading all day.” [leaf 198]

February 6th, 1915. : “…our only fear is that we may one day get ahead of our tasks and find ourselves in the unenviable position of having nothing to do but read, sleep and eat.” [leaf 217]

8th July 1915: “On mid winter’s day we opened several packages from home, and the contents have given me and others extraordinary pleasure…. What afforded particular entertainment was the first five numbers of the “Times History of the War. [no quote at end]

[I only read through leaf 455—somone at SPRI should return to it, but not too promising for reading matter.]