Miscellaneous notes, etc. from diaries.

Includes a list of books that seems to serve as something of a circulation record as well, indicating the person who had the book and in some cases gives a date of Jan 31which may have indicated a loan period. It does not include everything known to have made it to Elephant Island, such as 5 vols. of the Britannica. In fact few of the items on this list did make it beyond Dump Camp.

Handy Andy Cheetham [Alfred] 31.1
Voyage of Scotia List of books
*Monsieur de Rochefort at Patience Camp
Twenty years after (Jock) [Wordie] 1. 1. 16.
Scoresby’s Yarn (Skipper) [Worsley] OLees
Dombey & Son (Mack) [Macklin]
Eothen (Mack) [Macklin]
Robert Ellesmere (Jock) [Wordie]
*World’s End (Box E) [This refers to Shackleton’s suitcase in which he had locked all the papers of the expedition]
Guy Mannering (Greenstreet) [Lionel]
Marriage of William Ashe (Skipper )[Worsley]
Tale of Two Cities (Rick) [Rickinson]
*Oddsfish (Clarke) [Robert S.]
Lord Jim
A Knight on Wheels Holness [Thomas] 31.1
Life in the Antarctic
Sea Captain
Marie Antoinette & Diamond Necklace
Browning’s Poems Green Geo [Charles?] 31.1
Scottish Life & Character Vincent [John]31.1
Science from an Easy Chair
Green Flag
Vandover & the Brute
Salt Water Ballads
What I saw in Russia Kerr [Alexander] 31.1
Spanish Gold Stevenson [William Stephenson] 31.1
Hereward the Wake
*Pip How [Walter] 31.1
*Potash & Perlmutter Wild [Frank] 31.1
When God Laughs (Hussey) [Leonard]
Brownings Plays & Poems