List of books recommended to be taken on the Expedition [US Exploring Expedition 1838-42] for the Use of the Officers and Scientific Company.

Transcript of Memo, possibly from Jeremiah Reynolds:
List of Books recom.d to be taken on the Expedition for the
Use of the Officers, and Scien-tific Corps.

Lord Ansons voyage round the world in HMS Centurian (1740)
Beechey’s narrative of a voy to the Pacific of Berings Straits (1828
Bougainville’s voyage round the world (Forster’s translation) 1769
Ellis’s Polynesian researches 1829
F ‘s narrative of a voyage rd the World. 1820
Kotsboes voyage of Discovery in the Sth Sea.
Morells Narrative
Parrys Journals in search of a NW Passage
Pérouse voyage de decouvertes aux terres Australis.
Porters Narrative Yates’s New Gea las? 1835
Barnetts Wanderings in N South Wales &c. 1884
Tyermanns Journal of Voyages &* Travels (South sea Islands, China & B 1831)
Weddells voyage towards the South Pole. 1825.
Adamsons Senegal Bennett’s New South Wales.
Chronological History of discoveries in the Sth sea by Capt Burney Ret
Dumarests Mammalogie. Cuviers Animal Kingdom, 2d. Dents etc Mammiferes
D’Ornithologie par R. P. Lasson. Cuviers Historie et anatomie de Mollusques
Dillwynies Catalogue of Shells. Lumork’s des Animaux sans vertebras
Latreille’’s Histoire Natura des Crustaces et des Insectes.