The Tactless Philosopher: Johann Reinhold Forster (1729-1798).

A straightforward biography of Forster, the Anglo-German naturalist who replaced Sir Joseph Banks on Cook’s Second Voyage (1772-75), along with his son George.

p. 82: Forster joined the Resolution on 11 July 1722. The ‘prevailing disorder’ hampered him in his efforts to store his gear…. His books—a formidable library—had to be stored in the steerage. He was not pleased.

p. 83: The leather covers on the books began to mould.

p. 84: The insects, birds, fish and monkeys kept both Forsters busy thumbing through the reference volumes by Dru Drury, Francis Willoughby, George Edwards and Buffon. [see footnote 24 for items that they had with them and referred to in the Journal.]

p. 88: Worse was to come: the sea water drenched his books in the steerage.